Míla Fürstová | Kytice

12 - 28 February 2021

Throughout 2020 Mila Fürstová was involved in a wonderful project - she created all the illustrations to a new  English translation of some of the most beloved pieces of Czech poetry: Kytice by Karel Jaromir Erben.

Erben is one of the greatest and most loved Czech poets of all time, and this new English language publication of Kytice (translating as 'A Bouquet of Fold Legends'), marks the 150th anniversary of the poet's death.  It is a huge honour for Mila to be given the opportunity to illustrate these canonical poems which every Czech child reads. 

Christy Slobogin has written a wonderful essay about Mila's illustrations for Kytice  including fascinating summarys of each of the eight main poems which Mila illustrates.  You can read that in the Blog section of our website: HERE.


 Mila's etchings made to illustrate the new publication are beautiful and haunting works. We are delighted to be able to offer them to you now in a special promotion with Mila. 

Eames Fine Art clients will receive 10% off any of Mila's work to celebrate the launch of this beautiful book and Mila's etchings. 


Please contact the Studio at 0207 407 6561, or [email protected], with any enquiries about framing or questions you have about purchasing the works.

Framing for the Kytice works starts at £170.