Matisse Cut-Outs

26 - 30 April 2020

In the years preceding his death in 1954 and when ill health prevented him from painting, Henri Matisse created his iconic, innovative, and bold gouache paper cut-outs.


In 1953-54 he worked with renowned lithographer Fernand Mourlot and the art publisher Tériade to reinterpret these works as lithographs. Matisse had already worked many times with Tériade, including on the famous 'Jazz Portfolio' in 1947. His lithographs were frequently included in Verve magazine, Tériade's quarterly review of arts and letters. Fernand Mourlot worked with many of the great artists of the period, including Marc Chagall, Georges Braques, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miró.


Matisse oversaw the first proofs for the publication in 1954, including the cover design. However, he died before the magazine could be published. Consequently, this special edition of Verve - published in 1958 - became a tribute to Matisse's final years and was titled 'Dernières Oeuvres de Mattisse 1950-54' (Last Works of Matisse). The publication featured forty original lithographs based on his final cut-outs. They include some of his most famous works such as the Nus Bleus (Blue Nudes), The Snail, and The Sheaf, as well as lesser known designs including maquettes for stained glass windows and ceramic commissions.


All the works offered for sale here are original lithographs from Verve Magazine Volume IX, Nos. 35 & 36: 'Dernières Oeuvres de Matisse 1950-54.' They were printed by Mourlot Frères, Paris and published in 1958 by Éditions de la Revue Verve.


Works larger than 263 mm wide have the original fold marks as issued. Please see individual pages for exact dimensions (all width by height). Please note that some pages have minor time staining towards the margins not shown in the images.


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