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At Eames Fine Art we are always working on so many exciting projects, films and online groups which we hope you'll enjoy and engage with - we have a wonderful community of art enthusiasts and although meeting at the galleries and collectors' studio is always a treat, sometimes it's good or to connect and share online as well.


So, now and then we post something not linked to a specific exhibition - just something that interests us - and this is where we post it when we do.


We hope you enjoy the stories and films we upload on our blog here - please do send us comments and feel free to join in with the discussions. 

  • The Art of Preservation

    Why Conservation Framing is Crucial for Your Artwork
    by Cindy Gosteli
    The Art of Preservation

    Artwork is not just a visual delight; it's an investment, a piece of history, and a slice of personal expression. To safeguard these treasures, conservation framing is not just a choice but a necessity. SE1 Picture Frames is a great local picture framer, with over a decade of experience. They understand the art and science behind framing a work of art so it is protected for years to come.