Lucy Bainbridge: Casting Light on Old Shadows

7 - 22 December 2019

A series of prints exploring time passing and of new light exposing old shadows at Eton College.


"Light and shadow can parvade many things. At Eton College, light and shadow pervade the school's past more than everything. Old corridors, classrooms, dormitories and playing fields soaked in its history. 


This series of prints was made during my artist in residency at Eton College.

Influenced by ghosts of power and privilege haunting dark corners, whilst the Michaelmas term tempered sunlight smeared through windows."

There are 12 beautiful prints in the series, all currently available individually, and also as part of a limited edition boxed set of all 12 works which will be launched on the 7th December. 

This showcase of new work will be shown at the Eames Fine Art Gallery alongside the auction after-sale from Saturday 7 December


We hope you'll be able to join us, with Lucy to celebrate this beautiful and important new collection of work. You can meet Lucy in the gallery on Saturday 7 December between 12 and 3pm to learn more about the work and be amongst the first to view this stunning and important series of works.