Sophie Layton | Still Life Illuminated

15 May - 5 July 2020

We're delighted to present to you this stunning exhibition of original prints by Sophie Layton.


This body of work has all been made since Sophie's last solo show with Eames Fine Art in 2019. With this collection, Sophie is working with the printmaking method she is best known for; the beautiful layering of hand-coloured monoprinting. She also integrates the technique of mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock printing), which Sophie learnt whilst at an artist's residency in Japan.


Sophie has really developed this technique to suit her work perfectly over the past two years and has explored new compositions based on Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangements) photographed through light projected through coloured glass. These new works push many of the ideas she was beginning to develop in last year's show even further, for example she is using the negative spaces to a sharper effect, allowing areas of the paper to remain unprinted. The contrasts in the work between textures, shapes and colour is particularly striking. If you would like to see the exhibition online please visit our dedicated Viewing Room by clicking HERE.