Sophie Layton | Circular Changes

18 November - 23 December 2021
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A reminiscence, an echo, and a reinterpretation. Through the reworking of motifs and compositions seen in a new light, inspiration blooms afresh. Sophie Layton is at the point in her career where she is able to quote her previous bodies of work, refashioning their themes and arrangements to create something completely fresh to dazzle the viewer. This type of reinvention marks an impressive level of artistic maturity. Many artists throughout art history and today have referenced those who came before them (think Kehinde Wiley, Cecily Brown, and Andy Warhol) but to find original and energetic inspiration in your own work is truly impressive. Working in printmaking for over ten years now, with this being her fourth solo exhibition at Eames Fine Art, there is a profusion of material at Sophie’s disposal. She has created photo-etchings, mokuhanga woodblock prints, monotypes, screenprints, and carborundum prints that she can now repurpose to new ends.