A Common Place : Connecting people through art, words, and a common place during lockdown

11 November - 24 December 2020

In early summer 2020, during the most stringent period of lockdown in the UK, we decided to offer the artists we work with at Eames Fine Art the chance to embark on a special project: one that would allow them to connect with each other or to encourage them to work in a new way.


We were reminded about a conversation we had with some of the members of the 26 writing group the year before. We worked with 26 in 2017 on a project called 26 Prints, and we have all been keen to work together again. We were looking at ways to pair writers with artists, and to set them a creative challenge to work on together.


We invited a group of artists from amongst those we represent at Eames Fine Art and writers from 26. Normally we would have met up for an evening of drinks at the Eames Studio for everyone to meet and discuss the project. But during lockdown this initial meeting had to be done over a large online Zoom meeting instead.


All 58 creatives who had signed up for the project met for the first time online on a balmy June evening. Names of the participants were pulled from two hats to randomly pair artists with writers. It was a strange but delightful experience; during our own isolation to see so many people joining for a common cause, meeting, even if only virtually, to embark on this new creative journey together.