At Eames Fine Art we are working on many exciting projects and films and online groups which we hope you'll enjoy and engage with - we have a wonderful community of art lovers linked to the gallery and we fully plan to keep this community vibrant and thriving while our galleries must remain closed. We'll provide talks, discussion groups, special exhibitions and videos all online.


We don't believe in social distancing - physical distancing maybe, but this doesn't mean that we can't still share ideas and art online. We hope you enjoy the stories and films we'll be posting on our blog here - please do send us comments and feel free to join in with the discussions. 

  • Sophie Layton | An Update on New Work

    Join us for a webinar on Sophie's new work on Wednesday 14 April at 8 pm
    Sophie Layton | An Update on New Work
  • Malcolm Franklin | Newest Projects

    A Q&A between Malcolm Franklin and Christy Slobogin
    Malcolm Franklin | Newest Projects
  • Míla Fürstová's Kytice

    Explore the fantastical Czech poems recently illustrated by Míla Fürstová
    Míla Fürstová's Kytice
  • Highlights of 2020

    Eames Fine Art team members select their favourite artworks from 2020
    Highlights of 2020
  • Paul Nash and Nigel Swift: Creation in Print

    Nigel Swift's gorgeous monotypes and pastels evoke some of the same themes as modernist Paul Nash's woodcuts
    Paul Nash and Nigel Swift: Creation in Print
  • Three-Plate Printing

    This blog post compares Karen Keogh's three-plate colour etchings to early three-negative colour photography
    Three-Plate Printing

    Featured image: Karen Keogh with three different coloured plates for the printing of Over the Hill and Far Away.

  • Life Imitating Art

    The Eames Fine Art team takes a swing at recreating favourite artworks from our studio.
    Life Imitating Art
  • Hanging Out

    A Reflection on Hanging Styles from the Salon to the Sparse
    Hanging Out

    After several blog posts looking at how the Eames Fine Art team members, artists, and clients hang their artworks, this blog takes a more in-depth look at hanging styles.